How To Hide Weed Smell

So you have to cover the smell of weed As much as we might enjoy…

How To Hide Weed Smell

How To Hide Weed Smell

So you have to cover the smell of weed

As much as we might enjoy the aromatic experience of a cannabis strain we’ve never tried before, there are times when knowing how to hide weed smell isn’t just helpful, but necessary. You might need help clearing the air for a business meeting, for guests, family, or just because you like to keep odors under control. Whatever your reason, learning how to eliminate weed odor is possible.

How to hide marijuana smell – the most effective solutions

If you keep large stashes of marijuana, then even when it’s not in use it’s going to start cooking up a stink. This is when the classic mason jar really helps. Much better at keeping odors safely under control than bags and foil and other kinds of recipients, mason jars are also excellent at keeping weed fresh. So, if you care about the quality and care of your cannabis, which clearly you do, then invest in a set of mason jars.

Another really effective way of getting rid of the smell of weed is to wipe all surface areas down with Can-A-Wipes, which have been specifically designed to remove the smell of weed. You can use Can-A-Wipes on your hands, tools, clothes, pipes, and all other kinds of surfaces. Anything that has come into contact with cannabis can be cleaned and left odor-free. Cool, right?

Hide weed smoke smell – solid alternatives

Investing in an air purifier is another solid option to cover up weed smell. While it’ll get rid of the smell of weed fairly quickly, it does, obviously, come at a cost. On top of that, air purifiers are not very attractive to look at, so even if you’re just a little house-proud and you’ve got a thing for designer furniture, then this might not be the best option for you.

The use of incense sticks is a fairly effective solution and a lot cheaper than investing in an air purifier, but sometimes the aromas of incense sticks can be more overpowering than the smell of weed. Laundry sheets, on the other hand, are pretty good at getting rid of strong marijuana odors. In fact, it could be argued that they’re better odor eliminators than clothing cleaners. Who would have thought it!

Ridiculous ideas

Then there are of course the ridiculous solutions for the joker at heart. The tried and tested old-school ways of preventing the smell of weed from taking over, by covering it up, or getting rid of it. These include smoking outside and ingeniously choosing to blow all smoke out of a window. Both are solid alternatives to the previously suggested solutions, but also pretty rudimentary in approach. The first isn’t always practical or possible and the second is just damn right unsociable and, let’s face it, uncomfortable. Who wants to be blowing smoke out of a window every time they roll-up?

You could try just washing your hands every time you come into contact with weed. It’ll help with your body odor, but not with odors that linger in rooms or with odors that begin to emerge because of weed that you’ve got stored in bags. Just washing your hands, is also not nearly as effective as wiping them down with Can-A-Wipes. If you really want to go all out on the joke solution, try smoking in a freezer. There’ll be no lingering weed smell when smoking at below freezing temperatures, that’s for sure. More quick solutions here

What about a change in lifestyle?

On a final and more serious note, don’t rule out the vape. Seriously. Don’t rule it out. As well as eradicating the smoke issue, vapes also reduce the smell of weed. With this in mind, maybe a change in lifestyle is in order. You might not want to vape every time you smoke, but it could be fun and useful to start vaping at certain times during the day, or when you happen to be in specific locations. While it may sound like a pretty drastic solution, it could also be kind of cool too.

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