How To Get Crayon Off Walls

How to get rid of crayon marks on walls If you have children, then you…

How To Get Crayon Off Walls

How To Get Crayon Off Walls

How to get rid of crayon marks on walls

If you have children, then you probably spend a fair amount of your time searching for the ultimate solution for how to get rid of crayon marks on walls. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them, or how many cool writing pads you buy for them, kids will always want to draw where they’re not supposed to and walls are just so inviting… they’re a blank canvas for their youthful creativity.

The one-stop solution to combat crayon marks in your home

In fact, one of the reasons why we designed the Can-A-Wipes product was because we know how difficult it is to find a solution that cleans crayons off of any surface. As a parent, you need an all-in-one remedy that’s going to clean fast, thoroughly, and without damaging what you’re cleaning in the process. So, just to be as clear as possible, if you’re searching for how to remove crayon from wood doors, how to get marker off the wall, how to get crayon off wallpaper, or how to get crayon off painted walls, then we invite you to invest in a pack of Can-A-Wipes, and you’ll be all set to deal with any child-cleaning emergency as it arises.

How to get the best results from your Can-A-Wipe

Removing crayon marks from walls and other surfaces is fairly complicated because of the wax that’s used to make the crayons. Trying to get this waxy substance off of a beautifully painted wall without damaging the finish of the paint job is a delicate process, even with a Can-A-Wipe. The most effective approach is to first warm the crayon marks using a hair dryer. As soon as the wax starts to glisten a little, use one Can-A-Wipe to wipe of the excess and then use a second Can-A-Wipe to remove the rest of the stain. Take your time when cleaning. Wipe gently and slowly to avoid removing paint from the wall in the process.

What else can I clean with a Can-A-Wipe?

As any parent knows, it’s not just crayons that children like the paint with. You think your mug of coffee is quite safe, but you didn’t remember to keep the edge of the tablecloth out of reach. One simple swipe from your clever little toddler and your delicious morning wake-up juice is all over the table, the chair, the rug, and your child’s clothing. Can-A-Wipes can be used to remove these stains in an instant. Just be careful to avoid rubbing too vigorously with your Can-A-Wipe. You don’t want to drive the stain deep into the fabric.

Here’s another typical scenario… You’ve packed everyone into the car and you’re on your way to enjoy a fun weekend at the beach. Whatever could go wrong? You turn your head to check on the kids in the back and there are chocolate stains all over your gorgeous leather seats. Whenever do they find the time to get into such a mess? Thankfully you’ve got a pack of Can-A-Wipes to hand and with one simple wipe the stains begin to disappear like magic.

Further benefits from cleaning crayon marks with Can-A-Wipes

Apart from working excellently as a cleaning solution, Can-A-Wipes are also really economical and they’re made using four different moisturizers. This means that when you’re using them on a regular basis you don’t have to worry about them drying out your hands. We know how difficult it is for busy moms to keep their hands hydrated.

Be careful with plastics

On a final note, we do recommend that you approach the cleaning of plastics with caution. Certain plastics, including Plexiglas and polystyrene, are too sensitive to be cleaned using a Can-A-Wipe without causing damage. Pre-test a small area of a stained plastic surface before you use a Can-A-Wipe to attack the entire area. This includes the cleaning of computer screens, microwaves, VCRs, vehicle instrument panels, or any item that’s finished with a protective film.

But aside from that, clean up the mess your kids make to your heart’s content. We’ve worked on the science so that you can spend a lot less time trying to keep your home in order.

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