Grow Room Odor Control

How to Control the Smell of Growing Weed Starting your own grow room at home…

Grow Room odor control

Grow Room Odor Control

How to Control the Smell of Growing Weed

Starting your own grow room at home is a super exciting time. Learning how to cultivate quality cannabis for personal use, whether it’s medicinal or recreational, takes time, but ultimately offers a really rewarding experience. The problem is how to control the smell of growing weed along the way. Cannabis that’s growing can be just as pungent, if not more so, than smoking a joint. So, what are your options for keeping on top of unwanted cannabis aromas?

Invest in some Can-A-Wipes

While the primary function of a Can-A-Wipe is to clean – for example, removing resin from trimming scissors, or kief from a cannabis grinder – they’re also really effective at killing odors, including cannabis odor removal. Just by using a few Can-A-Wipes to clean surface areas, doors, plant pots, and walls in your grow room, you’ll be able to eliminate that heavy, lingering cannabis smell. What’s more, they’re super quick and easy to use, as well as highly economical.

Monitor and control temperature and humidity levels

Another simple way of securing cannabis odor control relates to your grow room’s temperature and humidity levels. High temperatures and high humidity in a grow room do nothing but intensify the smell of cannabis. So, if you’re trying to find a way of growing weed without the smell, it’s a good idea to buy a thermostat and monitor the temperature and humidity of your grow room. You’ll then need to find ways of adjusting both, if necessary, throughout the day, in order to keep odor levels down. This is particularly true during the blooming phase.

As the cannabis plant matures and begins to flower, trichomes start to appear. The more the plant matures, the more trichomes there will be. The more trichomes on a cannabis plant, the smellier it becomes. One method for trying to control the heat and humidity levels during the flowering stage is to invest in a dehumidifier or an air-conditioner system.

Keep the air circulating

Grow room odor control can be made easier by finding ways of keeping the air circulating. When the air in your grow room is forced to circulate, it helps to keep temperature and humidity levels down to a minimum. Even in the winter a grow room can get hot, because grow lights produce heat. Smaller grow systems with cooler lights might not get as hot as those rooms that are lit using high intensity discharge systems (HIDs), but all grow light systems generate heat. The good news is, marijuana odor control is possible if you actively aim to keep temperatures down and the air moving freely.[/vc_column_text][vc_column_text]

Crank things up a notch during the final six weeks

As all experienced growers will know, pot odor control gets tougher as time goes on. The final six weeks of a cannabis plant’s life cycle are also the smelliest. Trichomes produce their highest concentration of terpenes during this period, which means air circulation and humidity control methods won’t be enough to keep odors under control. It’s at this point that you could try employing a range of odor absorbing gels, or an activated carbon filter. Odor absorbing gels are really quite effective as cannabis odor neutralizers. work by masking the cannabis smell, whereas the carbon filters help by literally scrubbing the odor contaminants out of the air.

If you use fans to circulate the air, a dehumidifier to reduce humidity, a few absorbing gels and a carbon filter to trap and scrub out the odors, and then top everything off by regularly wiping down all surfaces using a few Can-A-Wipes, you should be able to eradicate all cannabis odors with 100% success.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”868″ img_size=”full” alignment=”center”][vc_column_text]

On a final note…

On a final note, bear in mind that not everyone enjoys the smell of cannabis. If you’re growing at home, i’s important to learn how to hide the smell of growing weed indoors. Be respectful of those who live close by. Make the enough to keep cannabis odors under control and avoid the possible tensions that may arise with neighbors who don’t enjoy the pungent character of maturing flower. Enjoy your hobby, but be responsible with it too.


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