Can Tackle Even The Toughest Of Cleaning Jobs And Still Be Gentle On Your Hands.

What are Can-A-Wipes?
Can-A-Wipes were originally created for the indoor gardening industry as a waterless hand and manicuring tool cleanser within a heavy-duty cleaning towelette. The special formula has dissolving agents for grease and grime that quickly dries after use. The result is clean and protected hands, nourished with four skin conditioners, including aloe and vitamin E.

Do they remove odors associated with cannabis and tobacco?
Yes, Can-A-Wipes are specifically designed to remove the smell of cannabis and tobacco.

Are they safe for glass and can I clean my pipe?
Can-A-Wipes are excellent on glass and removing resin from pipes!

Are Can-A-Wipes safe for my skin?
Yes. Can-A-Wipes don’t just keep your skin clean, they keep it nourished with 4 different moisturizers.

Can I use them to clean my tools?
Definitely. Can-A-Wipes makes it easy to get on with the job when a sticky substance gets on your tools.

What else can Can-A-Wipes clean?
Stainless steel surfaces (in general, when cleaning stainless steel appliances, always clean with the grain. Also, use a dry clean cloth to buff with the grain. This will remove our skin conditioners, leaving a clean surface.)

  • Vinyl windows and screen cleaning
  • Venetian blinds
  • Spot removal
  • Make-up removal from most fabrics
  • Paint over spray on windows and baseboards
  • Coffee stains
  • Permanent marker
  • Crayon marks on walls – Crayons contain wax which is extremely difficult to remove safely from a painted wall. Warm the crayon with a hair dryer and wipe off the excess, then use a wipe to remove the rest of the stain. Rub gently to avoid removing the paint from the wall.
  • Tape residue on glass and metals
  • Leather tennis shoes
  • Golf clubs & sports equipment
  • RV’s & campers – removes black streaks
  • Boats – cleans boats quickly & easily
  • Fishing gear – cleans hands and tools, removing fishy odors
  • Hobbies – removes glues from sewing and crafts
  • Garage cleaning – cleans tools and surfaces quickly
  • Cars – remove tree pitch and road tar. Also can remove many stains from leather car seats.
  • Painting – an easy cleanup on hands and equipment
  • Camping – replaces many bulky cleaners
  • Hot tubs – removes tub oil rings

Are Can-A-Wipes economical?
Yes! Consider the use of rags, cleaners, and water, plus the time saved by having the convenience of a multiple cleaner in one. Use one wipe and get on with the job.

Are there any recommendations or cautions made when using Can-A-Wipes?
Yes. We recommend pre-testing plastic surfaces for compatibility. They may not be suited for certain clear plastics such as Plexiglas or polystyrene. Computer screens, microwaves, VCR’s and vehicle instrument panels may be made of these plastics. Do NOT use on any item with a protective finish, such as brass or finished furniture.

Is there anything else I should know?
Can-A-Wipes is a great tool for cleaning; however, be aware that we do not guarantee the same results in every situation due to the many varying conditions. As a rule, pre-test surfaces in an inconspicuous area for compatibility.

Stain Removal
When you get a stain on something, do you go to your stash of liquid cleaners? Do you look around to find a cleaning rag? Need gloves? A mask? To open a window? All of this for a single stain!

Can-A-Wipes trumps any stain remover. This moist cleaning wipe is so simple to use. Pull out a towel, blot or rub on the spot and you’re done–no mask needed! Simply dispose of the wipe in your waste basket and it will smell more pleasant than those harsh chemicals, too.

Removes: grease, tar, asphalt, dog paw muck, permanent marker, pitch and sauces, liquids such as wine, ketchup, koolaid, fruit juice, etc.

Cleaning Instructions:
Just squeeze the liquid from the towel and let set for 8-10 minutes, then wash normally. If it doesn’t work the first time, try again and agitate with a soft brush before washing. Can-A-Wipes make a fantastic laundry pre-spotter too!

Floor Cleaning
Can-A-Wipes are a great solution for removing scuff marks, spills, grease, stains, paints, oils and more from:

  • Linoleum
  • Tiles
  • Polymer type tiles and flooring
  • Carpet
  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Nothing can be more frustrating than carpet spots. Instead of hauling out that carpet shampooer, let Can-A-Wipes do your dirty work.

    If you have a liquid stain or a tough stain, blot up (do not rub in) as much liquid as you can. Squeeze the solution from the wet wipe over the stained area and let it absorb in. Wait for a little while and blot up with wipe. Rub the soiled area clockwise and then counter-clockwise. Repeat if necessary.

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