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grow room odor control

Grow Room Odor Control

How to Control the Smell of Growing Weed. Tips and strategies for grow room odor control. Starting your own grow room at home is a super exciting time. Learning how to cultivate quality cannabis for personal use, whether it’s medicinal or recreational, takes time, but ultimately offers a really rewarding experience. The problem is how …

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How To Get Crayon Off Walls

How To Get Crayon Off Walls

How to get crayon off walls If you have children, then you probably spend a fair amount of your time searching for the ultimate solution for how to get rid of crayon marks on walls. It doesn’t matter how many times you tell them, or how many cool writing pads you buy for them, kids …

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Clean Resin off Hands

Best Way to Clean Resin off Hands, Glass and Other Surfaces

How to clean resin off hands and other surfaces One of the most difficult substances to clean away from any surface is resin. It’s super sticky and, if not treated carefully, it can leave huge stains on fabrics and other porous materials. The best way to clean resin off hands, glass, fabric, skin, or any …

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How to Clean your Grinder

How to Clean your Grinder

Make your grinder like new again. Let us show you how to clean your grinder. Learning how to clean a grinder properly isn’t that difficult, but the results you’re likely to get will depend on the cleaning equipment you have and how you go about using them. It’s also important to mention that learning how …

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Best Way to Clean Trimming Scissors

The Best Way to Clean Trimming Scissors

How to keep your trimming scissors clean All cannabis trimming scissors need to be cleaned regularly to make sure the blades remain in good condition and to keep the bud-trimming process smooth and speedy. Whether selling or growing for yourself, working with clean cannabis tools is essential. If you don’t clean sticky scissors, you can …

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How To Hide Weed Smell

How To Hide Weed Smell

So you have to cover the smell of weed? Let us tell you how to hide weed smell. As much as we might enjoy the aromatic experience of a cannabis strain we’ve never tried before, there are times when knowing how to hide weed smell isn’t just helpful, but necessary. You might need help clearing …

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Canawipes cleans dirty hands

Life of a Solvent wipe

Can-A-Wipes biodegradable formula is powerful enough to instantly remove polyester resin, vinylester resin, epoxy, part a/b foam, any type of resin, pigments, gel coat, dirt, ink, tar, caulks, oil, grease and just about anything from hands without having to rinse with water.

Can-A-Wipes Shines

Can-A-Wipes Shines!

If you work hard outside every day, stains are an unavoidable part of life. A little stain here and there never hurt anyone, but eventually they do add up. Clothes get ruined, tools get ruined, skin gets ruined, and everything ends up costing you more money. So, what to do? Nobody is going to carry …

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